Blogging is a term created for the internet, but its roots go way back Grecian times. Since the invention of papyrus, philosophers and mathematicians have recorded their thoughts and formulae. They then released the work of theirs to larger public in the hopes that their thoughts could be heard and be influential to people.


That’s what the bloggers today are trying to achieve. The most well-known historical events began with a small  free online business app number of people who had an amazing thought (and in this case , a moral conscience). It was the abolishment of slavery. In 1775, a small group of people formed an abolition of slavery in London.

They wrote articles on the crime and then offered them for sale to the wealthy. They also free distribution to inhabitants of London and its surrounding regions. This was the inspiration that inspired other people to join in, including William Wilberforce who funded and wrote a number of speeches and articles including some were made in the Parliament and they were later published as articles which were later translated and circulated across the globe.


About 40 years later, they have succeeded in their mission. The American constitution was created by petitions to politicians. Some listened however, others did not. However, blogging has proven to be a potent instrument in shaping the way we live today.


The internet has the potential to reach a lot more users, and even more than television does, so your ideas are likely to be noticed by a wider audience So get your thoughts recorded and put your ideas out to people who use the internet and watch your business expand. You might or may not be able to change the world, however you can certainly enhance your business.


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