Search Engine Optimization - SEO Positioning in Google

Your dealership should be careful when choosing keywords. If you choose key phrases that no one searches for, very few people will see your site. On the other hand, if you pick keywords with too much competition, they might not see your site either. The key is to choose words that have a high search volume but not too much competition. Keywords can impact your reach significantly. Your dealership should also be careful not to use too many keywords on page or in one article. When articles are full of key phrases, people have a hard backlinks time following. Google also penalizes your rank when keyword stuffing is used since it recognizes those articles to be spam.

Make sure to provide your customers with original, relevant content. When your content is copied, or when you use an automatic generator to spin information from another site, it can hurt your Google ranking. You need to provide value to your readers with the content you post. If you get a lot of traffic, but your content is bad, those potential customers might never return to your site. Look for current trends or questions in the auto industry to find topics people want to know more about.

You need to keep in mind that your audience is potential car buyers, not Google. Even though Google can have a big influence on the traffic off your article or site, it’s important to remember that your content should be targeted towards your audience. When you focus your attention too much on computers, ranking might go down because your article seems like spam. People often stop reading articles if they don’t make sense, they use too much jargon, or they don’t have good information. You should often assume that whoever is reading your article is reading it because they have no prior knowledge on the issue.

Your posts should be free of spelling and grammar errors. Too many mistakes of this kind could make your dealership seem unprofessional, uneducated, or lazy to potential car buyers. When readers are too distracted by spelling errors, they often stop reading and move their attention to something else. You should also be careful not to focus too much on the number of articles your dealership puts out. Quality trumps quantity here in a big way. Two high-quality posts will help your dealership much more than 10 posts with unoriginal content that is stuffed with keywords and looks like spam to Google.You must list your business correctly and consistently on top online business directories, local business directories and listing sites and confirm that your company’s NAP (name, address and phone number) is consistent on every directories and listing sites.

Online reviews are very important for local businesses. Most people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. You must focus to collect reviews on your Facebook business page and Google My Business page. Having good reviews on your Facebook business page can help to get prospective customers and getting positive reviews on Google My Business page is also very important for Google search result and Google three-pack.

Structured data markup or “schema markup” can be added to your website to provide Google or other search engines with more information about your business, products, services or reviews you offer. Google also has a Structured Data Testing Tool to check schema markup is properly implemented or not.Title and meta description still matter. It displayed in the search results. Generally acceptable length for title is approximately 50-60 characters, and description can be approximately 160-200 characters. Double-check your website titles and descriptions to use full advantage of this space properly.

Search Engine helps people to find products, services or information and an SEO specialist or SEO firm do researches and analyzes recent trends and best practices to plan and implement online marketing strategies that improve search results. Modern SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about much more than meta tags and keywords. A lot of factors that an SEO specialist or SEO firm must deal with, it means they need a wide range of skills. If you confused to do it yourself, you may hire a professional seo firm to get the best results.

It is a way to build links for your website. Blogging means submit your content in blogs and increase readers by posting the informative content in blogs. If someone follows you on your blog then he/she will follow your updates. Increase readers by posting great content in your blogs like written content, images, infographics, videos etc. The content gives a reason to your followers to come back on your blog.

DO you know social networks are big platforms to reach new potential customers and getting traffic for your website or blog? Make your account on famous social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. Complete your profile and be active on them. Post content that relates to business but in an attracting way. That person likes and engages with you. Join groups and post your content on them to share your post more.

Social networks are the best way where you can get more traffic and easily know about your customer behavior. What your customers want or what they expect from you? Because here you can directly communicate with your customer. Social networking sites help to get you traffic and links for your business.It is one of the best ways to get links if you know how you can participate in someone’s conversation. That means to comment on those blogs that are more visited by others and where most of the people comment. Post an informative comment that has some meaning. If someone likes your comment then he and she must be following you.


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