Panic Attack Symptoms and Causes

Panic attacks have the ability to take over the life of an individual and make them avoid a number of different situations. These stem from having a lot of anxiety, more than just the average amount. When a person has a lot of anxiety, they are constantly worrying about different types of situations. When the worry becomes extreme, it will turn into an unbearable fear that puts that person in a different state of mind, otherwise known as a panic attack.

Panic attacks can give someone a feeling of sheer terror, like they are in a horror movie and are sure of a bad outcome. Unfortunately, these can occur at any time and without warning as well. Some people even have panic attacks while they are fast asleep, which is scary for their partners. Most of the Get Xanax Online time the attack is only going to last for around 10 minutes, but can be longer for some individuals. Attacks that persist for longer should result in Buy Xanax Online a visit to a doctor. If a person has numerous panic attacks that repeat each other, this is actually a panic disorder.

Common Panic Attack Symptoms
Since these attacks can occur suddenly, there are a lot of different symptoms that people should look out for. Recognizing the symptoms can help individuals prepare for an attack by doing something that calms them. Some of the most common symptoms include: feeling of terror, hard time breathing, loss of control feeling, tingling in hands, numb hands, racing heartbeat, dizziness, fainting and chills. Each person is different with the symptoms that they experience. Some will have one of these while others will experience them all.

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