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Effects of Pepper Spray

There are many effects of pepper spray you might consider if you are thinking about using this type of self defense option. Some of the things to think about are that it is one of the most effective deterrents, it works longer than a taser or stun gun, it will cause coughing and choking, and it burns really bad.

Pepper spray is one of the most effective, least expensive, deterrents for self defense you can purchase and use for personal protection. It is very easy to use and there is no guessing. All you have to do is aim and spray at the face of your attacker. Many lives have been saved by the use of pepper spray and yours could be next.

When you use pepper spray you are using something that works even more effective than stun guns and tasers. Stun guns work by disabling the nervous and the muscular system but only for a few moments. Pepper spray works by causing pain, temporary blindness, and choking for up to 30 minutes. This is the longest effect that this self defense option works and will give you the most time to get away from your attacker.

Pepper spray is made with cayenne pepper and runs so hot it is Lost Mary unbearable to touch on the skin and to breath in the mouth. The reason you aim for the person’s face is because when they get just a little bit of the pepper spray in their mouth, nasal passage, and airways it will burn so bad and put them on the floor. You don’t have to worry about them chasing you because the person will think they are dying.

Pepper spray also effects an attacker’s vision. The eyelids and the skin around the eyes will be swollen and puffy. The person will not be able to see out of their eyes because the pepper will cause the eyes to shut down in protecting themselves naturally. The person will not be blind forever but it will give you the best chance to run from the attacker and they will not see which way you went so they cannot follow you.

Pepper spray causes many different effects that people will suffer when they experience it touching their skin and ingesting it into their body. All side effects caused by the spray are not permanent and only last for a few hours. Some effects clear up within 30 minutes. No one has died from pepper spray and no one will die from you blasting them in the face.

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