Google AdSense and Blogging, How to find Your Niche

Maybe your a pro-blogger or a complete amateur, but this article will show you in depth, how to make cash with a free blogger account, free Google AdSense account, and tons more free sites that, will make your blog appear on major search engines within hours.

The truth about blogging, Slot Gacor is that it’s not easy, if you don’t have patience and passion, don’t waste your time. You wont be rich overnight, but if your willing to work hard everyday, basically, what you put in, you get back.

Here’s how pro bloggers make thousands of dollars every single day, they find their niche and stick to it. Finding your niche, is simply finding something you love and know lots about, and building blogs about that subject, here’s an example. My job, 8am – 7pm, 6 days a week is working in a factory making windows, not a dream job, but I get paid well, it feeds my family, pays my bills and I love it. A simple search on Google for windows will give you, 146 million page results, now that’s massive, and trying to get a blog to number 1 is impossible.

Lets narrow it down, a search for UPVC Windows will bring up over 700 thousand results, still very hard to reach number 1, but here’s how i can get to number 1 in a search category for UPVC windows.

Let’s say, you keep getting condensation on the inside of your windows, a common problem worldwide I would say, and something that i can can solve and write about in my blog. So lets search for, condensation, over 1. 1 million results, now here’s the big secret, what everyone does not want you to know.

Try searching for, “condensation on my upvc windows”, only comes up with 89 thousand search results, and all of the pages listed are minor websites, only simple, standard web pages that are crawled by the spiders. To get to number 1 in that category is so easy, and i would so, but that would ruin my blogs standard, so i wont.

Now if that confuses you a little, here’s what I’m trying to tell you.

Let’s say you love food, cakes for instance, but searching for cake recipes online will give you over 1. 4 million search results, but then try searching using terms that you would basically type in, if you were searching, for instance, fat free chocolate cake recipes, only brings up 79 thousand search results, and as I said before, getting a top ten or even #1 slot with that keyword or search term would be so easy.

That’s the key to blogging and making money with blogging and Google AdSense. Lots of internet marketers, make websites and sell the information above for cash, it might be a little more in depth, but it’s still the same info at the end of the day. These types are specifically designed to protect your electronics during a fire. Most fire resistant safes won’t protect any of your electronics in case of a fire. With a data-media safe, your Cds, Dvds, MP3 players, flash drives and more will be safe even during a raging fire.

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