Many people in the UK are ones that follow strict Halal guidelines with regards to cuisine. Halal guidelines are ones created by Islamic law that state that certain foods are ones that shall not be consumed by people who follow the Islamic faith. Many caterers around the UK, including in the midlands and London, acknowledge this and are working with a variety of different Halal processes. These Halal catering companies are great companies for people to see.

Halal catering companies in the UK work with general Muslim dietary needs. This comes from general dietary rules that have been established in the Qur’an, the main holy book of the Islamic faith.

There are many different foods that will not be found in the cuisine provided by a Halal caterer. These are ones that are specifically listed in the Qur’an as foods that shall not be consumed by Muslims. Pork and carrion will not be served. Any meats that came from animals that were not killed in the name of Allah will not be served either.

Foods that contain blood will not be served either. In fact when the meat is being prepared for a meal the blood should be completely drained from the meat. This comes from how the blood is considered to be harmful. In addition to this making sure that the blood is removed will help to make sure that the meat is going to stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Also, alcoholic drinks will not be made available by a caterer. This comes from how 5:90 of the Qur’an states that all things that can be intoxicating to the self are harmful (“Strong drink…are only an infamy of Satan’s handiwork”). Foods cannot be prepared with any alcoholic materials either.

In fact Halal catering companies in the London and midlands areas will work with a proper method for handling all animals that are going to be used for the cuisine. The Dhabiha process of slaughtering an animal in the name of Allah will be used. This works in that all animals used will be cut with a deep knife slash on the neck of the animal. This is used in that it will kill the animal without any pain caused to it by causing vital veins and arteries to be cut while not harming the spine. It is a clean and humane way of handling an animal while making sure that the meat is pure.

Any other process of taking meat for Halal meals will be avoided by caterers. This comes from how any meats that have been killed by other animals in savage ways are not Halal. The meat that has been handled in these ways will not be seen as pure meat.

All foods will also be ones that have been pronounced under the name of Allah. This is in conjunction with 6:121 of the Qur’an (“And eat not of that whereon Allah’s name hath not been mentioned, for 咸豬手香港 lo! It is abomination”).

With these factors in mind all sorts of different types of foods will be prepared by one of these catering companies. These foods are going to be made with variety in mind because of the many palates that diners can have.

There are many different vegetarian and non-vegetarian starting meals that a Halal caterer can work with. Shami kebabs, which are lamb cutlets in egg batter, are very popular among caterers in the UK. Paneer Tikka, which is cubed cheese that has been marinated in tandoor, can also be used. Even vegetable balls that have been fried in a batter can work.

Sandwiches can also be prepared for large parties. A caterer can offer different Halal sandwiches around the London and midlands areas including sandwiches made with turkey breast, roast beef, chicken, beef and salami. All meats will be prepared under Halal guidelines. Vegetarian sandwiches, including ones made with cheeses and lettuce options, can also be enjoyed.



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