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How to Spend Your Powerball Lottery Jackpot

Ok….I’ve got $60 million from this Saturday’s Powerball lottery to splurge. How shall I use it? Let’s see…

1. Hummer, black, with satellite navigation of course.
2. Mansion with grounds large enough to hold a classic car rally.
3. Sixteen car garage.
4. Helipad on the roof of my house.
5. Household staff…

Hold on, Hold on, hold on….Let’s get realistic about this. A Hummer isn’t cool in these days of global warming. It gulps fuel, looks outlandish on the road because of its size, and is hard to park anywhere.

The mansion will cost a fortune in upkeep and security and staff.

Assuming I had 16 cars to put in the garage, how would I decide which one to drive each day? I have trouble choosing my socks each morning.

The helipad addition would mean that the roof would have to be strengthened, and then a stairwell constructed so that people could enter the house. Goodbye to a million or so.

Household staff?…Well, forget your sleep-ins each morning. 파워볼사이트  You need to be up early, running to keep ahead of the help.

In fact, none of the items on my wish list above are really that appealing any longer. All have their downsides. So, I’d probably do what Bill Gates is doing…Set up a trust and find effective ways to distribute it.

But, since I only have part of $60 million, I’ll just continue doing what makes me happiest…

Helping you.

The most satisfying part of my life has been when people have profited from my knowledge. Every time I read a winning testimony on my websites, it’s like winning lotto all over again for me. Lotto winning has the potential to change people’s lives for the better in many ways.

Not only does the the public benefit, because most lotteries give their surplus funds away to charities, but winning solves people’s problems in a very real way. Because even in this materialistic world, full of ego-driven Hummers, McMansions and staff, there is nothing better than a happy life lived without debt.

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