In four days John has to pay a number of bills for his business including payroll and rent. He has already drained his lines of credit and maxed out his credit cards. While sales have been OK his problem isn’t in closing deals, but getting new prospects to talk to. It takes approximately 2 months from getting a new prospect until he can close them and without a steady supply of prospects coming in he simply isn’t closing enough sales to keep cash flow coming in. His situation is growing more desperate every day…

Anyone that owns a business or must produce sales to live has been or can relate to John. If you are in real estate, financial planning, building contractor, insurance, mortgage lending, or any other number of businesses that require a constant supply of interested and qualified leads then you could benefit from building a direct response lead generation web site. A lead generation web site is just what it sounds like. It is a web site that works 24/7 generating interested and qualified leads for you. There are not a lot of lead generation programs out there that can boost that type of power. The key words เว็บตรง here are interested and qualified prospects.

A prospect that has no interest in what you are selling is a poor lead. A prospect that has an interest but cannot afford your product or isn’t really qualified to be a customer for any other reason is also a poor lead. Quality prospects must have both attributes to be worth spending your very short and critical sales time pursuing. To create a successful direct response lead generation web site you need to do a little homework.

First, you need to know what your ideal prospect looks like. What industry do they work in? What position do they hold in a company? How big is the company? Here is a key question, what problems do they face everyday that really causes them to lose sleep? You really have to understand your prospect, how to reach them, and what their hot buttons and issues are. You must be able to walk in his/her shoes and really understand the problems they face and how you can solve them. For example, if you are in real estate and your target market is first time home buyers then the strength of their credit and how much money they have to put down may be the two issues that really plague them in buying their first home. If you are a contractor your client’s largest concern might be all the horror stories they have heard about bad contractors so they are really concerned about how to pick the right contractor. Once you know who your target market is and what the key problems they face are now you are ready to build your direct response web site. The web site has several key ingredients to be successful…


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