Lose Man Breasts: Foods To Eat And Avoid

If you want to lose man breasts, foods that you eat can have a massive impact on your success. Did you know that certain foods can actually promote the growth of man boobs? Yeah, that’s right, foods that are found in local shops are responsible for those love balloons.

There are also foods that you can eat, that will help get rid of man breasts.

You see one of the main causes for the moobs, is your hormones. The foods that you eat and don’t eat, play havoc on your insides causing all sorts of problems. Which results in builders wolf whistling and has you on the receiving end of lots of jokes.

Well, I want to help you out here, as I have been on the receiving end of such jokes myself and it gets annoying after a while. So, lets have a look at the foods to avoid to lose man breasts.

Lose Man Breasts: Foods To Avoid

The main foods that you want to avoid are processed, pre-packaged foods. I am talking about foods normally found in plastic containers or tubs. Like instant noodles, microwave dishes and the like.

All these foods are filled with all sorts of junk, which plays havoc with our bodies. There is also evidence to prove that foods in plastic containers, contribute to man boobs. Obviously you cannot completely stop eating out of plastic containers forever, but try to avoid them as much as possible.

You should also limit the amount of fish you eat to once or (at most) twice a week. These can be full of toxins which will do your chest no favours.

Now, for the last food to avoid, please hear me out here before you storm of this page: But you should try to avoid beer as much as possible. Beer is highly estrogenic (which is a female hormone). You are far better drinking red wine, as there is evidence to suggest that red wine fights against estrogen.

I should point out with all these foods and drink; that I am only saying to avoid them as much as possible. You are human (I am guessing) and are allowed to have treats from time to time. So do not feel too bad for eating them some of the time.

Lose Man Breasts: Foods To Eat

Moving onto the foods to eat to lose man breasts. Generally speaking you want  먹튀검증 to try and eat like a caveman. (No I do not mean go into a cave and eat raw meat with your hands). But try to eat mostly fresh meats, fruits and vegetables.

The main food types that are proven to help get rid of man boobs are: Citrus fruits, cruciferous vegetables, organic seeds and nuts.

You do not have to sit down to piles of all these foods or anything major. I find it is best to make small changes in your meals to get more of these foods into your daily diet.







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