For years police officers have used pepper spray as a non violent method of control in situations such as riots and perpetrators who resist arrest. This spray is also a favorite among hunters and other woodsmen who carry the spray as protection from bears, coyotes, wolves, and all other wild animals that may attack. As a self defense tool, mace pepper spray is a great option for those seeking personal security that is easy to use, non-injurious, and inconspicuous.

 Pepper spray is a very simple Lost Mary irritant that causes the eyes to tear and temporarily distorts vision. The active ingredient in it is capsaicin which is derived from the same family of plants as chilies are. It is non-lethal and is expelled from a high pressure aerosol can to ensure that only the desired target receives the spray.  No one wants to walk around flashing a self defense tool. It’s one thing to be prepared; it’s another to announce it. This is a benefit of pepper spray. The spray comes in a small canister which can be easily carried in a purse or pocket. Even better, pepper spray is also available in small, everyday items such as rings, pens, and pepper spray key chains.

 When you are protecting yourself your goal is not to maim the assailant, but rather to get yourself to safety. Pepper spray has the effect of stopping the attacker in their tracks before they even reach you. It will not kill, permanently injure, or disfigure the assailant, but will simply cause irritation. An added benefit of pepper spray is that its effects last until treatment is received. This ensures that the attacker will not get up and pursue you, but will instead be forced to sit, blindly, and wait for law enforcement to arrive.

 Different countries have different laws regarding pepper spray and mace. Although most areas allow it in some form, you may need to comply with special guidelines. It is vital that you know the laws in your area, and in all areas that you travel to, when you carry pepper spray or any other self defense item.  As with any new purchase, conducting research is imperative to getting the best quality product. Not all sprays are made equal.

Some do not contain enough active ingredients to be effective, and others may not contain any mace pepper spray ingredients at all. This means that you need to seek out a reputable merchant who is committed to quality products.  A great place to start is with This company offers a wide variety of self defense tools, including pepper spray and mace, and provides consumers with education on self protection. In addition to the online resources, BLJ’s Enterprises supplies its customers with personal attention to help ensure that they receive the self defense item that perfectly suits their needs. 

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