During the last few years I have learned various ways of installing solar panels and I would like to share with you some tricks I take advantage of. What I am showing you here applies to solar panels you build yourself and store purchased types. I love to call these tricks but I have been doing this type of work for years, resulting in everyday routine for me.

The first suggestion that we have is growing your solar panels on your roof. What I used was 1-5/8″ swagger funnel available from electrical supply houses. It comes in ten and twenty feet program plans and can be cut to any shorter size flexible solar you might need. There are several advantages to using this funnel. It is very strong, comes with slotted holes for easy addition to your roof. It has a flange that runs the entire time the funnel allowing you for specially made threaded nut products called spring nut products. They can be positioned anywhere on the swagger funnel, and are held in place by the spring. These are great because they can free up your extra hand while growing your panels.

Another neat thing about using the funnel for growing your solar panels is that you can use a special flat sq machine available from the swagger manufacturer. It allows you to pressure mount your panels without drilling any holes in the individual. By growing two swagger channels in a parallel line, you will have a perfectly straight range of solar panels.

Now that you have a line or called range of solar panels mounted you must cord them. What I’ve found to be the best is with from your panel is plastic type flexible 2 or 3 wires (depending on your local electrical codes). I recommend using type SJ flexible power cable, number 14 or 12 gauge cord size. It is weather and water-resistant and can be purchased from your local home supply store.

From each cell, you must bring your SJ power cord to an electrical junction box so that you can terminate each connection. Personally I used ¾ inch PVC gateway, which is easy to use and cut for your panels.

For safety purposes, I have my battery bank outside of my house in a small shed. Batteries regardless of type still can purge hydrogen gas while charging and unless you have a properly vented cellar room in your house I would bashful away from indoor installation.

From my solar panels to my shed I used number 10 gauge cord to my charge controller. Each connection manufactured in the junction boxes taps about the number 10 cord and goes to the charge controller which will regulate the charge to your batteries.

This to me is straightforward construction practices, but to someone who has never done this type of installation it could be bit challenging. For more information about solar installation visit my website. These tricks for installing solar panels could help save you time and money.

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