If you do a search on Twitter just a few days before a holiday using the term “house cleaning,” you will find that a lot of Twitter users are discussing either the fact that they are cleaning their house or that they need to clean their house. A quick search for “maid” seems to indicate that another large part of the Twitter community wishes they had a maid to clean their house for them. One user states, “I’ve spent way too much time today cleaning house. I’d hire a maid, but no one else understands where my stuff goes.”

Some tweets highlight that Twitter users are cleaning their homes between computer games – including Bejeweled – or while watching television. There are threats of withholding the holiday meal if housemates do not assist in the cleaning. And there are many tweets discussing the fact that the user has been cleaning house for hours.

The reasons for house cleaning seem to range from the Castle Cleaners – House Cleaning Services in Magnolia TX  fact that the house is a disaster (cleaning for seven hours) to the need to impress, although not everyone is happy about that as seen in this tweet, “Cleaning an already clean house to impress other people. Sucks.” Who are these people trying to impress? Well, it appears to be wives, parents, grandparents, friends from out of town, and just about everyone in between. There are, however, some Twitter users who are cleaning their homes to save someone else from having to do it: “Cleaning The House So My Mother Doesn’t Have To!”

There are some who are breaking up the housekeeping by hitting the gym or running errands as a break. And there are others who should have taken a break, but did not: “Spent the most of the day at the new house cleaning up. Only fell asleep twice while I was sweeping.” During the holiday season, there are many reasons to clean the house and many methods to get it done. It looks like the common thread this year is to tweet about your house-cleaning experiences.


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