What are the benefits of Hunter Pro-ASV valves? The object of a valve system is to merely accelerate, slow or stop the flow of materials through a pipe system. Any solid, liquid or gas can be transported through valves, though when the subject is irrigation that material is usually water. While you may think of a valve as something you manually turn off and on with a wheel or a lever, many valves are now automated or even self-controlled. They operate based on automatic sensors that can tell the pressure and or temperature of a system. What do Hunter Pro-ASV valves offer to residential and commercial clients looking for a new valve system?

Hunter Pro-ASV valves are known for their dependability, just as all of Hunter’s products tend to be. The Hunter Pro-ASV valves series is constructed for atmospheric backflow prevention for multiple zones. Not only are these valves economic, they are also easy to use, easy to install and require very little maintenance in the long run. Hunter Pro-ASV valves are sold as all-in-one products, a complete “package” of a reliable valve system.

The first benefit to consider is the durability of these valves. Because they are made with very hard PVC materials, they are near impossible to break no matter how much pressure builds. PVC material is also known to be UV-resistant and corrosion-resistant, the latter of which is very important because even strong valve systems can be gradually https://reelammunition.com/product/subsonic-300-blackout/ worn down after years of corrosive elements. In addition, the company has created Hunter Pro-ASV valves with rugged diaphragm support to protect the system against leaking or any high-stress circumstances. The internal manual bleed addition is a reinforcement for keeping the box dry, while springs and hardware made of stainless steel also help to provide that extended durability that Hunter Pro-ASV products are known for.

Lastly, the Hunter Pro-ASV valves series offers control over flow and lets you adjust flow configuration very finely. In the event of emergencies you also have a manual shutoff feature. Of all the electric valves on the market worth buying, the Hunter Pro ASV series is one of the most balanced when it comes to being affordable yet of superior quality than the norm.


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