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Why Are Faucet Water Filters So Important?

 Faucet water filters are designed to remove contaminants from water that has already been filtered by the municipal water treatment facility. This may sound odd at first, but water treatment plants remove contaminants and add chlorine, and some do a better job than others. The net result is that more and more homes are getting faucet water that still has a significant amount of contaminants in it.

Unsafe Water For Drinking And Cooking

The newest research into water quality doesn’t concentrate on short-term consequences of drinking contaminated tap water. It focuses on the long-term dangers to your health. Some of the minerals, heavy metals and chemicals that make it through the public treatment process into your home can accumulate in body tissue over time, creating sickness and increased chances of developing cancer.

Research is also proving that tap water is getting worse and worse in terms of purity. There are a lot of reasons for this but industrial development and natural resource pollution due to rapid population growth are significant contributors to this degradation. The more chemicals and toxins that are dumped in the air, water and land, the worse condition the water supplies will experience.

The treatment plants are barely keeping up with the constant barrage of contaminants entering the system. The most recent discovery is the presence of measurable medications in the water due to people flushing their prescriptions down toilets or throwing them into landfills. Everything on the earth is part of a total bio system so what is dumped into water and landfills eventually ends up in the system.

Tap water filters are home treatment units which filter out the contaminants which make it through the municipal treatment process.

What Is The Answer?

Most long-term dangers to health don’t have easy answers. Fortunately, when it comes to water contamination, there are very easy answers to the problem of polluted water. Faucet filters have been designed which can eliminate chemicals, minerals, heavy metals and pathogens.

In other words, there are tap water filters to address every kind of water pollution issue in your home. The filters have been designed in brita filter leaking various styles too.

Some filters are attached directly to your existing faucet. Other filters are attached to the plumbing and a new dedicated faucet is added. Tap water filters are attached into the water line under the sink or sit on the counter top in the kitchen.

There are also refrigerator tap filtration systems that are added as in-line filters. Every time you get a glass of water or make ice in an automatic ice maker, the water is cleansed of up to 99% of impurities. In-line tap water filtration systems are also used on whole house systems which purify all water entering the house including the water fed from faucets.

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