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Why Do We Need Colon Cleansing?

To know this, one must imagine how important it is to keep canal of a commode that runs from your bathroom to the drainage system and finally out of the city, somewhere! Imagine that all the defecation and wasteful material passed by all the members of the family do not get away and remains everywhere…! Filthy? Cruddy? Yes! If that makes you to vomit, what would then happen when such bodily waste remains in your body??? Believe it, it is not only a shitty but it is very harmful material that produces toxins all over the body.

Colons are intestines, the major organs responsible for major function – the digestion, without what, absorption of the nutrients and assimilation would have not been possible. The body is composed of zillions of the cells and dozens of organs, they all form bodily system that are complicated. The body performs its tasks such as walking, running, seeing, thinking and whatever the act you name, with the help of these systems. Just like a car that needs fuel to run, the body requires fuel to get energy (we call it as calories) and this fuel; we get it from the food we consume on daily basis.

The foods, on other hand, come in many form containing many things. Today’s lifestyle consists of junk foods, canned/packed foods and all the foods that contain high-calories and no fiber material. In this way, intestines meet pounds of such foods that are sticky or gluey in nature. Over the times, such materials started get accumulating onto the intestinal walls and finally alter the alimentary canal’s overall functions. Now the matter is why is colon cleansing so important? It is just because one needs the entire gastrointestinal tract to be cleaned so that the body system works in toxic-free zone. Remember the commode, chocked up, filthy…!

Colon cleansing, if done perfectly, can get relief from abdominal gas/flatulence, abdominal cramps, stomachache, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, headaches, fatigue and many other problems related to bowels. Colon cleansing brings lightness in the body and one feel new life. The colon cleansing program or therapy comes in many forms. For instance, latest hydrotherapy for colon cleansing is a procedure that  火炭通渠 includes water with specially temperature and is introduced into the intestines that has cleansing properties. Enema and herbal colon cleansing therapies are nothing but another natural ways to cleanse the entire gastrointestinal tract. The material used in colon cleansing generally involves potential herbs such as Neem, hoodia, garcinia, Psyllium, Eclipta alba, Indian gooseberry etc that possess natural cleansing properties. They are consumed as pills in a certain dosage for a certain period for maximum benefits. However, while on the course, one should also follow strict dietary regimen and some light exercises to get faster results.

Colon cleansing often contains using dietary fiber or roughage that flushes off the unwanted and/or harmful substances from the intestines by excreting them out with feces. They are also natural ‘fat binders’ since they bind the fatty substance and expel them out with feces and hence, colon cleansing is often considered as effective treatment for reducing body weight as a part of curing obesity.


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