Wooden boxes have been used for centuries to hold beloved possessions or general valuables. They hold a long standing cultural significance worldwide, and today they are used to hold anything from small trinkets to a whole array of clothing. The uses for these boxes has grown, though they are very much the same as they have always been.

The largest wooden boxes that you can find are trunks, which can be used to hold just about anything. Wooden trunks can be found in a whole array of sizes and are specifically made to hold a large amount of items at a time. Trunks are by definition long horizontally and short vertically, though the exact specifications vary from one to the other. These are often used to hold onto keepsakes and other larger items, such as out-of-season clothing or family heirlooms.

The other types of wooden boxes are generally much smaller than trunks, but they are just as functional. These can be found in just about customizable pizza boxes any size and made out of woods varying from pine, oak, and cherry. The customization options are limitless, but where you purchase yours will play a big part in what is available. Some vendors make them to order to your specifications, meaning that the end product will be exactly as you have requested. The benefits to custom ones is that it is possible to get them in any size, in any type of wood, and the finish is chosen by the customer as well. It is also possible to get them specially engraved if need be, which turns them from plain boxes into keepsakes themselves.

It is possible to find these boxes lacquered, stained, or even varnished depending on where they are purchased. Some vendors specialize in one two or the other, while some vendors will do whatever is asked. Many of the custom box makers can be found online because that is where their biggest market is. This makes it easier for them and makes it easier for you, because you will be able to comparison shop between several different websites and see which products appeal to you the most and which ones seem to be the most reputable.

You will find that many of the vendors that sell wooden boxes will either be located overseas and are made in other countries, or they are family owned and order the wood and manufacture them without outside help. This is worth noting because the family owned businesses often cost more than those that are overseas due to the customization options they often offer as well as the special attention to detail that is put into each work.

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